We wrote an article for the Ad Council’s AdLibbing blog talking about how to use social media to connect with folks who aren’t already using social media as it relates to our work on the EveryoneOn digital literacy campaign.  Seems impossible but HelpGood is doing it right now with the help of some cats.


Brand mascots became popular in 1950s with TV advertising and are coming back stronger than ever, through social media.  Even the Ad Council has been utilizing mascots through social media.  Currently Smokey Bear is the face and voice of his own Facebook and Twitter pages.

“Today, social media is giving marketers a whole new playground to test and nurture mascots. “I think the web is going to [bring] a heyday for creating new characters and stories,” Carol Phillips, president of consulting group Brand Amplitude said.”  Read the full article here.

New features on Google Analytics let companies tell Google what goals they want to achieve.  Google will not only show how many visits are coming from social networks, but how many of those visits will go towards your company’s goals.  Read the full article here.

Nonprofits- don’t forget about blogging! Although social media sites like Twitter and Facebook serve their purpose, blogs can be a powerful tool for sharing ideas and building communities!  Read the full article here.


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Tip of the Day: Content helps energize communities on social networks.

HelpGood created this Facebook ecard so that Disney’s Bambi could wish Smokey Bear a Happy 67th Birthday.  This piece of microcontent reminds their followers of the importance of wildfire prevention and helps cross-pollinate their fan communities.  It’s a win-win for both iconic brands.

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