Building a Facebook Fan Page? Here’s a nice layout guide.



Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD, designed by Hike and released for Smashing Magazine.


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Smokey Bear is full of good public outreach ideas on his website, Facebook & Twitter. Here’s a clever Halloween suggestion … Talk about integrated campaigns!


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The Ad Council launched their new site today at  The new focus is summed up in it’s tagline “Inspiring Change, Improving Lives”.  Social media is integrated throughout the site with testimonial videos from average Americans who’ve been impacted by the PSAs.

HelpGood helps power the Ad Council’s social media efforts on several of their campaigns.

One child dies every six minutes in Somalia. #FWD the Facts

HelpGood is helping the Ad Council and USAID use social media to get the word out about the crisis in the Horn of Africa.  A terrible combination of famine, war and drought are threatening millions of lives in the region.  Please take action forward the facts to a friend or text GIVE to 777444 to donate $10.



Tip of the Day: Content helps energize communities on social networks.

HelpGood created this Facebook ecard so that Disney’s Bambi could wish Smokey Bear a Happy 67th Birthday.  This piece of microcontent reminds their followers of the importance of wildfire prevention and helps cross-pollinate their fan communities.  It’s a win-win for both iconic brands.

Check out this new fun digital app that launched to promote Hands-Only CPR.  Get your hands on the body you want and learn the quick 2 step process.


HelpGood is working on the social media outreach effort.


Our social media marketing efforts for the US Olympic Committee’s anti-steroid campaign resulted in more than 4,000 Facebook likes, over 115,000 YouTube views and mentions in hundreds of blogs.  We also inspired hundreds of kids to pledge to play sports steroid-free.

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